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What is an Integrated Management System?

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There is a point in the development of many organizations when their requirements for certification will be covered with a single management system. However, once an organization grows to a point where it requires more than one management system, then that is time to step back and consider adopting a more integrated approach.

An Integrated Management System (IMS) combines all aspects of an organization’s systems, processes and Standards, such as those for quality, environmental and health and safety management, into a single system. This enables the organization to work as a single unit with unified objectives.

An integrated system provides a clear, uniform image of the entire organization and all processes, how they impact each other, and the associated risks.

Benefits of an Integrated Management System

An integrated management system can bring many benefits to your organization, such as:

  • Meeting all standards’ requirements with one set of policies and procedures,

  • Lower cost for external audits and certification,

  • Fewer interruptions to the organization,

  • Improved internal and external communications,

  • Reduced documentation, duplication and bureaucracy,

  • Streamlined processes,

  • More consistent objectives across multiple systems.

An effective IMS Presents a clear uniform image of the whole organization and can add tremendous value to the business. To get more information about Integrated Management Systems, schedule a free 30-minute consultation with an IBEC expert.


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