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Our expert auditors know what is required to meet industry standards. They will examine all phases of your organization and will provide beneficial feedback to ensure all regulations and standards are met, and help exceed these standards so you may set yourself apart from competitors.  


Internal Audit:


IBEC Inc’s knowledgeable auditing staff know what third party auditors look for. We provide internal audits for all Management Systems and Pre-certification Assessments to ensure your organizations capability to obtain and maintain a specific certification. 

Compliance Audit:


Here at IBEC Inc we understand that keeping up with all the regulations may be a hassle, which is why we offer compliance audits to ensure an organizations management and processes are in compliance with all related legal requirements. 

Downstream vendor, supplier, contractor Audits:


As an organization, it is common to utilize other vendors to assist in building and processing of material. IBEC Inc understands the importance of quality for your organization. With downstream vendor, supplier, contractor audits, we evaluate these other organizations to ensure their procedures are up to your and international standards. 


GAP Analysis:


GAP Analysis is considered the initial Management Systems review for any organization. A GAP Analysis is what helps form a framework for Management Systems procedures which will prepare an organization for any certification. IBEC Inc offers GAP analysis both independently or as part of a consultancy program for Management Systems.  

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