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What Are the Specialty Electronics Process Requirements Under R2v3?

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The R2 Standard establishes responsible reuse and recycling (“R2”) practices for the management and processing of used electronics globally. The new R2 standard, R2v3, divides the Standard into “Core” and specialized “Process” requirements. While all R2 certified facilities are held to the Core requirements, the Process requirements only apply to facilities that perform those processes.

Specialty Electronics Process Requirements

Specialty Electronics are commercial grade devices that are not available at your local retailer. They are specialized in their purpose and typically include things like commercial telecom equipment, medical devices, and scientific equipment.

Testing of the Specialty Electronics often require sophisticated equipment and simulations to test functionality and often cannot be tested by specialty electronics refurbishers. R2v3 recognizes these challenges and it provides guidelines for specialty electronics reusers to be certified under the R2v3 structure.

Appendix D of R2v3 standard sets out the requirements for coordination within the channel with suppliers and customers to verify the specialty electronics for reuse without testing.

Verified Specialty Electronics can be sold under specific situations and conditions spelled out in the standard.

To know more about specialty electronics verification process and requirements under R2v3, schedule a free 30-minute consultation with an IBEC expert.


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