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What Are R2v3 Process Requirements and Which Ones Apply to Your Facility?

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Process requirements in R2v3 make R2 Certification more achievable and affordable for small and startup facilities that don’t engage in the full scope of R2 processes. R2v3 includes 6 appendices that contain specific Process Requirements for specialized operations that may be applicable only to facilities that perform those processes and activities.

  1. Downstream Recycling Chain Appendix A defines the requirements for the qualification and management of all downstream vendors that receive R2 Controlled Streams. It applies to all R2 Facilities that utilize any number of R2 or non-R2 downstream vendors for processing or managing any R2 Controlled Streams.

  2. Data Sanitization Appendix B defines the requirements for any logical data sanitization and an enhanced level of physical sanitization where additional tracking, verification and quality controls are required. It applies to all R2 Facilities that perform logical data sanitization such as ITAD and mobile repair operations.

  3. Test and Repair Appendix C defines the requirements for all electronics test and repair activities as well as the verification of the device condition and level of functionality. It applies to all R2 Facilities that test, repair, or refurbish electronic devices or components for reuse and confirm through testing a defined level of functionality.

  4. Specialty Electronics Appendix D defines the requirements for the assessment and verification of Specialty Electronics for reuse, where full functionality testing is not feasible. It applies to R2 Facilities that specialize in managing highly sophisticated, commercial/industrial grade, specialty electronic devices.

  5. Materials Recovery Appendix E defines the additional EHS requirements for any destructive dismantling or separation processes for electronic equipment, components or material streams. It applies to all R2 Facilities that perform destructive dismantling or separation processes for the purpose of material separation and recovery.

  6. Brokering Appendix F defines the requirements for managing transfers of electronic equipment, components or materials from the supplier directly to the downstream vendor without physically receiving or processing it. It applies to all R2 Facilities that manage transactions between suppliers and downstream vendors, where the equipment or materials physically move from the supplier direct to the downstream vendor without going through the R2 Facility.

Which Process Requirements Are Applicable to Your Facility?

If a process or activity is performed by a facility, it must be included and then certified. For example, if a company only performs materials recovery and data sanitization services, then those are the only two appendices the company needs to adhere to. Or if a facility buys material that is drop-shipped directly to another vendor, then only Brokering applies.

There are also ways to reduce the number of Appendices that must be certified, like using downstream vendors. Our experts can help you determine and optimize the Process Requirements that apply to your facility. Schedule a free 30-minute consultation with an IBEC expert now.


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