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R2 Scope of Certification

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When preparing your documentation for R2 certification, you should prepare a scope of operations detailing an accurate description of processes and activities undertaken by your facility, as well as the types of electronic equipment, components, and materials managed. Consider the following tips when preparing your scope:

  • All R2 processes and activities are the ones provided in the table below. You should only include those operations that are controlled by the R2 Facility on-site, remotely or at additionally certified locations as defined in R2v3.

  • For each process/activity specified in the scope of operations, you should be able to show evidence of implementation and demonstrate conformity to the R2 Standard.

  • Please note that planned future operations that are not currently operational are not eligible for certification.

  • It is not required for you as an R2 Facility to perform all R2v3 Section 2: R2 Process Requirements. However, the CB will audit and certify the R2 Facility to the R2v3 Section 2: R2 Process Requirements that you are performing.

  • Outsourced or downstream processes/activities can not to be included in your scope of operation and on your certification.

  • If you perform Data Sanitization in Appendix B, you should specify whether you perform logical sanitization, physical sanitization, or both. Any reference to sanitization in the scope shall apply only to processes/activities certified to R2 Process Requirement - Appendix B, Data Sanitization.

  • If you perform Test and Repair in Appendix C, you should specify whether you perform test, repair, or both.

  • The scope statement should also include a clear description of specific used electronic equipment, components, and materials that are managed by your Facility. For example, if an R2 Facility processes only mobile equipment, generic wording such as “used electronics”, is not permitted.

The CB will use this scope to perform the audit and issue certification covering the processes and activities documented and undertaken by your facility.

We hope you found this helpful. If you have any additional questions about R2v3 Certification, schedule a free 30-minute consultation with an IBEC expert today.


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