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Identifying equipment with R2 equipment categories (REC)

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When equipment, components, and materials are received by an R2 Facility, they are in an unknown state until sorted, evaluated and further processed.

All equipment, components, and materials received must be treated as an R2 Controlled Stream until evaluated, and in some cases processed, and then determined to no longer meet the definition of an R2 Controlled Stream. In essence, all unevaluated items must be secured and controlled under the R2 Standard.

The categories of R2 Controlled Streams are outlined in Table 1 of the REC. The REC is used to identify the R2 applicability and determine the data sanitization status.

R2 Controlled Streams include:

  • Any equipment, components or materials that have not yet been evaluated by the R2 Facility to determine their R2 Applicability

  • Data devices and media that have not been sanitized

  • Equipment or components that have been evaluated and determined to be capable of reuse but have not yet been tested, repaired and confirmed functioning

  • Any equipment or components that contain a Focus Material

  • Focus Materials

Unrestricted Streams include:

  • Any new equipment and components in unopened, original OEM packaging

  • Non-electronic equipment

  • Non-focus materials

  • Planned return equipment/ components

The REC is also used to identify cosmetic condition and level of functionality for reusable products.

For examples of REC applicability and overview of how equipment and material categories can change at different points throughout processing take a look at these examples provided by SERI.

If you have any questions about this or to learn more about the R2v3 Standard, schedule a free 30-minute consultation with an IBEC expert.


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