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How to Meet the Internal Audit Requirement for Your Management Systems?

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What is an internal audit and why should I do it?

Auditing is “systematic, independent and documented process for obtaining audit evidence and evaluating it objectively to determine the extent to which the audit criteria are fulfilled.”

The internal audit, or first-party audit, is a requirement of all Management System Standards.

Internal audits are conducted on a set of processes to appraise their efficiency and effectiveness, and to ensure that they meet the standard’s requirements.

Conducting an internal audit gives the organization a chance to see the progress they are making, and gather appropriate and unbiased information that the management can utilize to enhancement performance and maintain compliance. It also gives a chance for the employees to show off their skills and voice any concerns.

Who can do the internal audit?

The internal audit is usually performed by someone from the organization itself or a hired consultant with experience and knowledge of the organization and industry.

The designated person performing the internal audit must be qualified and follow the standard requirements of management systems. Management typically should ensure the audits are done correctly and effectively without errors.

Looking to outsource your internal audits?

It is always beneficial to have a second set of eyes evaluate the organization’s processes. Our professional auditors have experience performing thousands of audits in different sectors and can help you save time, money and internal resources. Our professional experts will evaluate your management system and provide a detailed audit report based upon findings including non-conformance’s, opportunity for improvement and corrective actions and recommendations. We can make this process easy for you, schedule a free 30-minute consultation with an IBEC expert to learn more about IBEC’s internal audit services.


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