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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Management Review?

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A Management Review is a formal, structured meeting which involves top management and takes place at regular intervals throughout the year. They are a critical and required part of running an ISO certified Management System. A management review can be used to tie together all the elements of your program and bring cohesiveness to your quality management system.

How Often Should We Schedule A Management Review?

ISO standards state the frequency or intervals of reviews must be defined in the QMS by the Management Team. It is recommended that a meeting should take place at least once a year, but meetings can be held quarterly or even monthly if preferred.

Who should attend management review meetings?

The management review should include representation from Top Management, functional managers, facility managers, line managers, process owners, process users and action owners.

What are the required Management Review Inputs?

Making the most of a Management Review is critical to your business. The management review process must ensure that the necessary information is collected ahead of time to allow management to effectively carry out an evaluation prior to the meeting.

  • Results of Audits

  • Customer Feedback

  • Process Performance and product conformity

  • Status of Preventive & Corrective Actions

  • Follow-up Actions from previous Management Reviews

  • Changes that could affect the Quality Management System

  • Recommendations for Improvement

What are the Required Management Review Outputs?

Management review results should be summarized, specifying management commitments, directives and action items. A typical outputs might include:

  • Process improvement actions

  • Management system improvement actions

  • Product and service improvement actions

  • Resource provision actions

  • Revised business plans and budgets

  • Revised objectives and KPIs/SPIs

  • Amendments to policies

  • Management meeting minutes.

If you require any further information regarding all of the aspects of management reviews, schedule a free 30-minute consultation with an IBEC expert.


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