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Do you have a post-COVID reopening plan?

We've compiled the top 3 resources to make tough choices easier for your business. You're not alone - 58% of businesses don't have a plan yet, either!

1. Safety first!

OSHA is the clear go-to for all things safety, and they've put together a handy guide to help you put together a safety plan - which is important to do, whether you're reopening next month or next year. We recommend the section that starts on page 7, Steps All Employers Can Take to Reduce Workers’ Risk of Exposure, which applies to all businesses and lets you know where to go from there based on your risk level.

2. Next, a decision tree.

The CDC is always a good place to go for the most up-to-date information. They've even put together a decision tree to help you decide whether it may be time to reopen. Click or tap to view full size.

3. And finally, considering worker privacy.

Taking temperatures can be an important part of keeping your workplace safe, but have you considered privacy concerns? This article details everything you need to keep in mind.

Happy planning, and as always we are providing free consultations for your R2 or ISO certifications, which can be on-site or virtual.


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