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5S for E-Waste Industry

Brought to you by IBEC Intelligence

What is 5S?

5S is a system for organizing spaces so work can be performed efficiently, effectively, and safely. This system focuses on putting everything where it belongs and keeping the workplace clean, which makes it easier for people to do their jobs without wasting time or risking injury.

The 5S list describes how to organize a work space for efficiency and effectiveness by identifying and storing the items used. There are five primary 5S phases which are known as:

1. Sort

  1. Identify all items in the work area

  2. Distinguish between essential and non-essential items

  3. Place any non-essential item in an appropriate place, not in the work area

  4. Regularly check that only essential items are in the work area

2. Set in order

  1. Identify the best location for each essential item

  2. Place each essential item in its assigned location

  3. After use immediately return each essential item to its assigned location

  4. Regularly check that each essential item is in its assigned location

3. Shine

  1. Keep the work area clean and tidy at all times

  2. Conduct regular housekeeping activities during shift

  3. Ensure the work area is neat, clean and tidy at both beginning and end of shift

4. Standardize

  1. Follow procedures

  2. Follow checklists for activities where available

  3. Keep the work area to specified standard

5. Sustain

  1. Clean up after completion of job and before commencing next job or end of shift

  2. Identify situations where compliance to standards is unlikely and take actions specified in procedures

  3. Inspect work area regularly for compliance to specified standard

  4. Recommend improvements to lift the level of compliance in the workplace

How Can 5S Help an E-Waste Recycling Facility?

A typical 5S implementation results in significant reductions in the square footage of space needed for operations. It also results in the organization of tools and materials into labeled and color-coded storage locations so everything has a place and is readily available when needed.

One of the biggest benefits of 5S is that problems within your processes become immediately obvious. Components that begin to stack up in areas that they should not be in, or empty racks and other visual aspects quickly show you exactly where problems are occurring.

Additionally it helps to improve safety, decrease down time, raise employee morale, identify problems more quickly, develop control through visibility, establish convenient work practice, increase product and process quality, strengthen employees’ pride in their work, promote stronger communication among staff, and empower employees to sustain their work area.

If you are looking into getting R2 certified or upgrade to R2V3, schedule a free 30-minute consultation with an IBEC expert to know how your operation can benefit from 5S when implementing R2V3.


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