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What are the new R2:v3 Processing Categories?

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We have been asked a lot by our clients about what to do with different items that they receive, which items require R2 evaluation and which do not.

When equipment, components, and materials are received by an R2 Facility, they are in an unknown state until

sorted, evaluated and further processed. There are two general streams, R2 Controlled Stream and Unrestricted Stream. The R2 Controlled Stream, unlike the Unrestricted Stream, requires R2 evaluation and processing.

Keep in mind that all materials must be controlled under the R2 Standard until it can be demonstrated that they do not fall in the category of R2 Controlled Stream.

R2 Controlled Streams

  • Unevaluated equipment, components & materials

  • Unsanitized devices/media

  • Equipment/components for Test & repair

  • FM containing equipment/components

  • Focus materials

Unrestricted Streams

  • New equipment/components in unopened, original OEM packaging

  • Non-electronic equipment

  • Non-focus materials

  • Planned return equipment/components

All equipment, components, and materials that are listed under R2 Controlled Stream must be evaluated and processed under the R2 Standard.

Data Sanitization Status

All equipment and components shall also be evaluated for data and identified with the corresponding data sanitization status of either Pre-Sanitization or Non-Data.

The equipment that has not been evaluated for the presence of data and equipment containing data are categorized under Pre-Sanitization status. These equipment require data evaluation and/or sanitization.

Other equipment that are already sanitized or are free of data storage media are categorized under Non-Data status. This category includes non-data devices, equipment that have been evaluated as not containing data, sanitized through physical destruction of data or device, or sanitized with software.

If you have any questions about this or to learn more about the new R2v3 Standard, schedule a free 30-minute consultation with an IBEC expert for more information.


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