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How to Implement a Robust Information Security Management System

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As cyber attacks have become a staple mention in global risks landscapes and data protection has become a must for all companies and the ISO 27001 standard has become the most popular information security standard in the world.

ISO 27001 can help you plan for today's current threats such as cybercrime, data vandalism, internal data theft, loss of data due to misuse or malfeasance, misuse of information, network breaches through third-party connections, personal data breaches, terrorist attacks, theft.

Planning and Implementing the ISO 27001 Standard

The first step is to appoint a project leader who has a well-rounded knowledge of information security to oversee the implementation of the ISMS. Some companies choose an in-house implementation lead, Others prefer an outside consultant to guide them through the following steps:

1. Define a security policy for your technology/platform/device/company.

2. Create a scope for your ISMS.

3. Perform risk assessments based on your results from 1 and 2.

4. Identify risks and establish a risk management process.

5. Implement a risk treatment plan.

6. Measure, monitor and review for proper maintenance of your ISMS.

Tackling ISO 27001 implementation?

Even with the advice listed above, you might find the ISO 27001 implementation project daunting, to make the process easier, schedule a free 30-minute consultation with an IBEC expert to learn more about implementation process and getting certified.


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