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Get RIOS™ and Save Money on your R2 Certification

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R2 is a stand-alone certification, but the R2 process must be implemented concurrently with a Quality Management System (ISO 9001), an Environmental Management System (ISO 14001), and an Operational Health and Safety Management System (ISO 45001).

The Recycling Industry Operating Standard™ (RIOS™) is the recycling industry’s management system, integrating Quality, Environmental, and Health and Safety management systems in one standard. So, it is an easier and cheaper alternative to meet R2 QEHS requirements.

RIOS™ Certification

The RIOS™ standard is an ANAB-Accredited standard that is third-party audited. A certification body, also referred to as a “registrar”, performs an audit to assess compliance with the standard and the organization’s management system. Upon a successful audit, the organization is granted a certificate of compliance from the registrar.

Benefits of RIOS™ Certification

  • Health and Safety: the codified processes and procedures create a set of instructions that will ensure that work is regularly being done in an approved safe manner.

  • Quality: With a quality management in place, your partners, whether an upstream supplier or a downstream customer, will know that they will get a consistent experience every time they interact with your facility.

  • Environment: Through the RIOS™ management system, facilities go through a comprehensive evaluation of their environmental impacts, and then seek ways to lower their footprint over time.

  • Compliance: RIOS™ is designed to ensure that facilities understand and meet the requirements of the laws and regulations that impact their facility.

  • Marketing: RIOS™ Certification is a tool that can be used to strengthen existing partnerships or win new business.

  • Cost: With R2/RIOS™ path, you can save a lot of time by implementing one standard versus three and save an average of $9000 over a three-year certification cycle.

Schedule a free 30-minute consultation with an IBEC expert to learn more about the R2v3 and RIOS™ implementation and certification. Don't forget to ask us about the Affiliate Association Membership Rate for RIOS™.


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