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Are You Thinking to Relocate Your R2-Certified Facility? Read This Before You Make the Move

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R2 Standard applies to all electronics recycling related activities at a physical address, hence when you change your physical location your certification is no longer valid for the new location.

At no time shall an R2 certificate be valid when the R2 Facility is not operating at the address on the certificate.

SERI has specific requirements that you need to follow to keep your hardly earned certification valid.

  • To maintain conformance to R2 during a facility move, you should notify your CB at least 6 months in advance of closing the previous facility

  • During the move process, the activities at the new and previous address shall both be conducted in accordance with your current management system.

  • Before complete closure of the former facility, you will get audited by your CB and will be issued a revised certificate. This audit does not replace the annual surveillance/recertification audit; however, the audit of the move could be combined with an annual surveillance/recertification audit if the timeframe allows.

If a revised certificate for the new facility has not been issued before leaving the former facility, the R2 certificate for the former facility will be suspended by the CB. Note that if the facility that has moved is part of a multisite certification, the entire certificate will be suspended. So, keep that in mind before turning over the keys.

If you are thinking about moving to a new facility and need assistance with transitioning, schedule a free 30-minute consultation with an IBEC expert for more information.


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