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Client Spotlight

Hua Ting Lo
Co-Founder and Owner, KT Corp Worldwide

When you speak with Hua Ting Lo, the owner of KT Corp Worldwide, who goes by Ting, the passion becomes immediately obvious.  It’s the passion for the mission behind what KT Corp does.

Based in City of Industry, California, KT Corp is a global leader in Electronics Wholesale and IT asset disposition (ITAD) services.  KT Corp has broad global reach, working with clients across the globe in multiple geographies, ranging from the U.S to the UK, to Dubai, to Africa, to Mexico, to Southeast Asia, and beyond.  Since its founding in 2013, KT Corp has been helping businesses manage their IT assets responsibly and sustainably. 

Ting is proud to mention that KT Corp Worldwide is R2 Certified, it has also earned ISO 9001 Certification.  This is a particular point of pride and is mentioned with a sense of accomplishment.

Ting is quick to share that we can’t speak of KT Corp’s success without mentioning Vic Yaikei, a co-founder and co-owner of the business.  Everything they do, every decision they make for KT Corp is done jointly by Ting and Vic.

As is the case with many great organizations, KT Corp got started, in essence, accidentally, when Ting saw a void in the marketplace and moved to fill it.  Thinking back, Ting says that it was still the “Blackberry era.”  And Ting loved having new phones, experimenting with new models and technology.  So, this meant that Ting had to resell the model on hand once a new model was acquired.  Ting was pleasantly surprised that during this resale process there was no loss in money, the value of the devices stayed intact.

Being a curious person, Ting started attending trade shows and conferences to learn more.  Inevitably, Ting would be asked “Are you in the industry?”  So, this is when Ting and Vic saw the opportunity and teamed up to be in the industry.  They doubled down on attending industry conferences like Mobile Disrupt and ITAD Summit.

Given the nature of the industry, they also understood that getting the R2 Certification and ISO 9001 Certification were critical to the ongoing success of their business.  They had met IBEC’s CEO Bardia Vahidi at a Mobile Disrupt conference, and this led to close collaboration between the two organizations.  Speaking of IBEC, Ting exudes happiness, explaining that the relationship that KT Corp and IBEC have far exceeds any project they have worked on, it’s a continued partnership.  Ting finds it particularly rewarding that Bardia Vahidi refers clients to KT Corp and they keep on engaging downstream.

Ting exudes optimism about the future of the ITAD industry and looks forward to continued fruitful collaboration between KT Corp and IBEC. The passion Ting and Vic share for KT Corp's mission will continue driving the company's success in the global electronics and IT asset disposition landscape.

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