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Client Spotlight

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Cody Giglio
Managing Partner, ITEC Inc.

Cody Giglio is the Managing Partner of ITEC, Inc., a leading company providing asset disposition solutions, including data destruction and remarketing of computer hardware.  ITEC Inc. has grown into a major player in the industry today.  Yet it started literally in Cody’s garage.

Cody began his career working for his uncle's company, which bought and sold network hardware. This experience launched Cody on numerous adventures, including solo trips to London to bid on Enron’s Cisco switches. Reflecting on those days, Cody recalls the thrill of auctions and the unexpected finds they brought. "It was like a treasure hunt," he says, "You never knew what you’d find."

Recognizing the growing amount of disposed computer and electronics equipment, Cody saw a business opportunity. Around this time, he inherited $10,000 from his grandmother, Irma Giglio. Rather than spending it, Cody invested the entire amount into his fledgling business. To supplement his income, he also drove limos at night.

As ITEC grew, Cody realized the need for R2 Certification to scale the business and gain marketplace credibility. After an initial unsatisfactory experience with a consultant, an industry colleague recommended IBEC, Inc. Bardia Vahidi, CEO of IBEC, met Cody in person and provided clear guidance, facilitating the certification process seamlessly. "They made this complex undertaking look easy," says Cody.

The R2 Certification was transformative for ITEC, enabling them to bid on major RFPs and secure contracts with large organizations. It also streamlined their operations, including quarterly safety training for employees, which they make enjoyable with pizza.

Since then, ITEC and IBEC have forged a strong partnership. IBEC has assisted ITEC with projects, including a Tier 1 overseas project, and continues to provide leads for downstream services. "IBEC always goes above and beyond," Cody remarks. "To me, IBEC embodies what excellence in service looks like."

As ITEC's business grows, one of Cody’s challenges is recruiting the right team members. He speaks proudly of his dedicated staff, acknowledging that their hard work is crucial to the company’s success.
Cody's passion for discovering hidden gems in his business remains strong. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his family, which includes his wife and their four daughters, aged 11 to 3. Living near Huntington Beach in Orange County, California, they often ride bikes to the beach, swim, and bond together.

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