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Responsible Recycling

R2 Certification Safety Measures for Worker Health and Safety

Companies that undertake R2 Certification make it clear that they prioritize the health and safety of their workers above all else. As part of their commitment to maintaining the highest standards in responsible recycling and waste management, they adhere to rigorous safety measures outlined by the R2 (Responsible Recycling) certification.  Obtaining and maintaining R2 Certification demonstrates a company’s dedication to sustainability, ethics, and worker safety.

The key worker health and safety measures associated with R2 Certification include:

Training and Education:

All employees undergo comprehensive training on safety protocols, including proper handling of hazardous materials, equipment operation, and emergency procedures.

Regular refresher courses are conducted to keep the workforce updated on the latest safety practices and regulations.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

Companies provide all necessary personal protective equipment to their employees, including gloves, goggles, masks, and protective clothing, to minimize exposure to harmful substances.

Safe Handling Procedures:

Strict protocols must be in place for the safe handling, sorting, and processing of electronic waste.

Hazardous materials must be segregated and stored in designated areas equipped with proper containment measures.

Engineering Controls:

R2 Certified facilities must be equipped with engineering controls, such as ventilation systems, spill containment systems, and automated processes to minimize risks to worker health and safety.

Emergency Preparedness:

Emergency response plans must be in place to address incidents, such as spills, fires, or injuries promptly and effectively.

All employees must be trained in emergency procedures and evacuation protocols.

Regular Audits and Inspections:

R2 Certified companies must conduct regular internal audits and inspections to ensure compliance with R2 standards and identify areas for improvement.

External audits by accredited third-party organizations are conducted to validate their compliance with R2 Certification requirements.


Companies that undergo R2 Certification show that they are committed to upholding the highest standards of safety for their workers while responsibly managing electronic waste. Their adherence to R2 Certification reflects their dedication to continuous improvement, sustainability, and the well-being of their employees and the communities we serve.

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